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Building Insurance Estimates

Surety & protection for your asset

Our expert property valuers provide insurance assessments for residential, commercial, industrial, and retail properties.

Regularly establishing the correct insurance value for your building is vital to ensure you have adequate cover.

An insurance valuation provided by Cityside Valuers will correctly determine the reinstatement costs for your property, safeguarding against underinsurance risk.  

The Strata Schemes Management Act requires building insurance valuations to be carried out on strata properties at least every five years. However, most building owners obtain insurance valuations more regularly, mindful that building costs in Australia can vary year on year.

Cityside Valuers are certified by the Australian Property Institute and authorised to provide insurance valuations for both strata title and freehold properties. We have considerable experience providing building insurance assessments across Sydney with fast turnaround and competitive rates.

What factors are taken into account in my building insurance estimate?

Our building insurance estimates account for a range of factors that should be considered to avoid underinsurance, including:

  1. Demolition of the existing/damaged property and removal of debris
  2. Replacement building costs - the estimated cost of rebuilding the property including all relevant professional fees
  3. Potential escalation of building costs over the 12-month insurance period.

Once you have requested a quote or a valuation through our website, we will contact you to confirm our fees, organise an inspection and measure the building. We will undertake all relevant enquiries to determine a realistic replacement building cost and provide your building insurance estimate certificate digitally.

Building insurance estimates are usually provided within two to three business days of the property inspection.

Access a realistic and reliable insurance valuation to protect your property assets today.