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Probate & Estate Matters

Clarity, transparency and care

A reliable, independent valuation report for Probate purposes will determine the fair market value of real estate assets after the passing of a property owner.

Once established, the market value can be used by an executor of a Will to ensure fair and equitable division of the estate’s assets.

Cityside Valuers are committed to delivering impartial, informed, accurate valuations for Probate purposes with affordable rates and short turnaround times.

We understand the importance and sensitive nature of this work, acting with compassion and transparency throughout the valuation process.

Our API certified team proudly manages sensitive probate and estate valuations for several of Sydney’s leading law firms. 

Our procedures and culture ensure that we provide objective and unbiased assessments to safeguard the fair division of assets among all beneficiaries.

What is a probate valuation?

A property valuation for Probate purposes simply determines the market value of a real estate asset as at the date of death of the property owner. This information helps the executor of the Will undertake fair and equitable division of the estate’s assets.

Probate valuations can be carried out retrospectively, allowing families and loved one’s time to grieve following the passing of a loved one.

Valuations for estate matters can also be undertaken when a matter of dispute arises. These valuations can also be carried out both at the current date or retrospectively, depending on what is required at the time.

Place an order or request a quote through our website. We will promptly confirm our fee and arrange access to the property. If the property has been sold or access is not available, we will undertake the valuation externally.

Probate valuation reports are usually provided within three business days of the property inspection.

Our expert team is ready to guide you through the process and give an accurate valuation for your estate and probate needs.