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Stamp Duty Valuations

Fast turnaround and affordable

Cityside Valuers have provided solicitors, conveyancers and private individuals with reliable and affordable Stamp duty valuations for more than 20 years. 

Our team of highly experienced property valuers allows us to provide most Stamp duty valuations within two to three business days, with a same day service offered for special circumstances.

Importantly, all of our valuers are certified by the Australian Property Institute (API), Australia’s peak industry body for property professionals. Accordingly, our valuation reports are fully compliant with Revenue NSW and the State Revenue Office of Victoria giving you peace of mind.

We deliver high-quality Stamp duty (Transfer duty) reports in short timeframes, ensuring property transfers are never delayed and taxation risks are minimised.

Our certified valuers undertake comprehensive market research to ensure you do not pay more tax than necessary.

Stamp duty - also known as Transfer duty - is a state tax collected on the sale, transfer or partial transfer of property including land and land rights. Certain property transfers require an independent valuation to assist the government calculate the correct amount of duty to be paid.

Cityside Valuers provide Stamp duty valuations for a wide variety of  property types including residential, rural acreage, commercial office, retail and industrial across Greater Sydney and Melbourne, as well as many regional locations too. Contact us today for a free quote.

Why do I need a transfer duty valuation report?

Revenue NSW requires an independent transfer duty valuation when a property transfer occurs between related parties (such as family members), related legal entities (such as a trust or superannuation fund) and on transfers that do not involve a licensed real estate agent.

The valuation report is a legal requirement to ensure the correct amount of duty is collected on the property transfer, with tax rates varying based on property value and the type of property being transferred.

The valuation must be conducted by a suitably qualified property professional and undertaken within three months of the date of transfer.

Requests can be made through our website for a report or quote. We will contact you to confirm our fee and arrange a property inspection. 

Our valuer will promptly inspect the property and provide a transfer duty valuation report to you and your nominated conveyancer or solicitor.

Most transfer duty valuations can be completed within two business days. Unique real estate, prestige homes and commercial properties often require a few extra days to assess. Please notify us if your matter is urgent and we will process it as a priority.

Let our team provide a transfer duty assessment for your property with rapid turnaround and outstanding results.